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Our wedding party

Maid of Honor - Erica Richardi

Bridesmaid - Madelina Sebring

Best Man - Jonathan Campney

Groomsman - David Runion


Mother of the Bride - Carol L. Smith

Mother of the Groom - Kim Campney

Father of the Groom - Dwight Campney

Grandmother of the Groom - Angelina McFarren

Grandmother of the Groom - Shirley Campney

Grandfather of the Groom - Thomas McFarren

Lindsay's attendants
  • Madelina Sebring, Bridesmaid
    Madelina and I both grew up in Greene County, NY (only about 15 minutes from each other), but our paths didn't cross until we moved into our current apartment, where we are now neighbors. Our relationship started out as acquaintances where we would see each other in passing and say exchange a friendly "hello." We started to get together and realized that we had a lot in common. Over the past 3 year we have become close friends. Madelina works as a ceramist at a Dental Lab. She is also a newly wed. She married her fiance Ben on August 10th at Niagara Falls.
  • Erica Richardi, Maid Of Honor
    Erica and I met by through Justin. Erica's fiance is Dave Runion who is Justin's Groomsman. Erica and Dave met in Texas, then they moved to Georgia, then to Massachusetts so fortunately they are progressively moving closer to us!! When Erica and I met we discovered we shared some common interests. One is cupcakes, how can someone not like cupcakes? They are sooo visually appealing, tasty, neat, and irresistible! The other is flipflops. I have about 20 pairs. I'm not sure how many pairs Erica has but you can never have enough!! Erica loves to cook. I'm hoping that some of this love of cooking will wear off on me. Hahaha. She also enjoys traveling.
Justin's attendants
  • Jonathan Campney, Best Man
    Jonathan is Justin's younger brother. They are very close and share the love of hockey and cars. He started playing hockey when he was 5 years old. He isn't a Rangers fan, instead a Detroit Red Wings Fan, but Justin and I realize that no one is perfect ;) Jonathan has his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Suny Plattsburgh and works as Management at Hoffman's Carwash. He enjoys playing golf with, playing video games, listening to music, and visiting casinos where he plays some of his favorite games including Blackjack and Texas Hold'em.
  • David Runion, Groomsman
    Dave and Justin met in pharmacy school in 2001 and have been best friends since. They were roommates for 5 years. Dave moved away in 2008 but the distance between them has been no challenge for their friendship, for they are still very close. He currently lives with his fiance, Erica in Massachusetts. He is a software/program developer and is interested in anything relating to technology. In his free time he enjoys playing poker,trying new foods, and traveling.
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